860c.01/8–145 Telegram

No. 1141
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Acting Secretary of State
us urgent

7752. Foreign Office official directly concerned with Polish affairs told us this afternoon that British officials had first formal meeting this morning with Drożniak and Kołodziejski.

Embtel 6900, July 9.1

He said discussion had been amiable although Poles were critical of continued employment by interim Treasury committee of officials of former London Polish Govt. They were particularly critical of continued use of Count Raczynski who they felt is trying to retain some political status for former London Polish Government. Poles were assured that Count Raczynski is no longer regarded as Ambassador [Page 1134] and is consulted solely in private capacity, but they were not completely satisfied on this point nor on employment of other Polish personalities. In end they were told that British Government had already consolidated the twelve former London Polish Ministries into one agency and had reduced the number of their employees from twelve hundred to approximately four hundred. They were also told that Poles employed by interim Treasury committee were selected for their peculiar knowledge of operations of former ministries and were in fact usually non political personalities such as executive officers. Finally Pole representatives were told that interim Treasury committee was dispensing British funds and was perfectly entitled to do so in its own way.

On constructive side conversations brought an agreement by British to furnish Polish representatives with a complete account of funds advanced to former Polish Government and a detailed statement of present commitments of interim Treasury committee. Official who gave us foregoing information told us that it seemed likely an agreement would ultimately be reached with Polish representatives whereby Poland would assume liability for funds advanced to former Polish Government and for at least certain categories of present continuing obligations. He said United Kingdom had considerable bargaining power in that it controlled Polish gold reserve, Polish merchant shipping and Polish Army.

We were handed a copy of circular telegram regarding assimilation of certain diplomatic and consular missions of former Polish Government into British diplomatic posts referred to our telegram 7421, July 23.2 A copy is being forwarded by airgram.3 In connection with this circular we were asked again if we had any information about manner in which missions and consulates of former Polish Government in Latin America and the United States are being maintained financially.

Will Dept please repeat to Ambassador Lane.