No. 1137
Memorandum by the Polish Deputy Prime Minister (Mikołajczyk)1

(?) As to [To add to (?)]2 the preceding note from which it follows that at this stage of the dispute one should not limit himself by the relatively small territory which anyway with the support of Russia may by the force of facts appear to be included in Poland.

At this moment the struggle is about the independence and sovereignty of Poland, and the dispute about borders unless it is predetermined is another problem.

To save the independence of Poland the territory should be determined (established?) and the elections should take place as soon as possible.

At the recognition of territory the conditions could be put forward, And so:

Elections—freedom for parties and for press, eventually the international control of elections.
Removal of the Soviet troops and NKVD.
Return and help for return of Polish army from the West in a whole and all émigrés in general.
Help in repatriation of Poles from the East.
Immediate stop of dismembering (taking to pieces) of factories and disjoining the railroad tracks on the territory given to Poland and full control by Poland of political, economic and communications administration.

The Soviet transport through Polish territory on the basis of a plan presented by Polish authorities.

Poland is to take part in the assistance to Europe by its industrial production and later by agricultural products. Therefore Poland must be completely freed and can not be hampered from inside by senseless dismembering of industrial objects, railroad tracks and by depriving it of agricultural machinery and livestock.

  1. Handed to Harriman on or about July 25.
  2. The question mark at the beginning of the paragraph and the phrase in italics are in the source copy.