862.85/7–2145: Telegram

No. 1126
The War Shipping Administrator (Land) and the Assistant to the War Shipping Administrator (Morse) to the Acting War Shipping Administrator (Conway)

Victory 170. From Admiral Land and Morse, Babelsberg, Germany to Conway, War Shipping Administration.

Reference your number 74 of July 20.1

We have dispatched the following message to Monroe, London: “Suggest you confer with Keenlyside regarding arrangements made by Ministry [of War Transport] whereby three Polish Troopers were placed on bare boat charter basis and same striking Polish crew signed on under British articles. Then you ascertain if Polish crews on 5 N 3’s would be willing to sign on under U. S. articles on similar basis. This might require some waiver of U S. laws which in view of emergency requirements for vessels should be obtained in Washington. Such an arrangement would be temporary pending clarification of Polish situation when vessels could go back under old charter. Please advise us here also Conway. We are repeating this message to Conway.”

Upon receipt of favorable advices from Monroe please arrange necessary waivers and also write an explanatory letter to head of Gdynia–American Line, New York, advising action being taken because of emergency requirements for vessels and telling them that this is a temporary arrangement pending clarification of situation when vessels will go back under old charter. Advise State Department of contemplated action.

Have discussed matter with Mr. Clayton who concurs. Advise State Department.