740.00119 Potsdam/7–1745: Telegram

No. 1094
The Representative on the Allied Commission on Reparations (Pauley) to the Acting Secretary of State

Victory–51. To Kindleberger and Wolf, White House, Washington for [Acting] Secretary of State from Pauley.

Understand that Reinstein has been preparing materials on possible Italian reparations and restitutions. Urgently require outstanding features of this report. Cable summary to me at Tripartite Conference Headquarters Masterwork Berlin with particular emphasis upon what might be available for reparations and possible value of same. Send also estimates made by State and FEA as to value of imports required by Italy in order to maintain her economy over the coming year. (Repeat message for Sproul, c/o American Delegation, Allied Commission on Reparations, American Embassy, Moscow, for his information numbering the repeat message as follows Confrep 3.)