868.00/7–3145: Telegram

No. 1084
The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in the Soviet Union ( Kennan )1

1710. Please inform FonOff in response to notes dated July 18 and 192 addressed by Yugo FonOff to US Embassy Belgrade charging Greek Govt with violations in Greek Macedonia of principles of international law laid down in Atlantic Charter, Declaration by United Nations and Charter of United Nations, that Embassy at Belgrade has been instructed to reply to Yugo FonOff that US Govt is prepared to recommend appointment of commission composed of military and political representatives drawn from present staffs of US, Brit and Soviet missions in Belgrade and US and Brit missions in Athens to determine whether or not Greek Govt has been or is violating in Greek Macedonia principles enunciated in documents referred to above and to submit recommendations for acceptance by two Govts concerned. US Govt will accordingly appreciate indication by Govt to which you are accredited as to whether that Govt is prepared to collaborate with US Govt in conducting such investigation and making such recommendations to Yugo and Greek Govts. It would, of course, be necessary for Soviet Govt to appoint special group to collaborate with group drawn from US and Brit missions in Athens. (Sent London and Moscow; repeated Belgrade and Athens.)

For your info this matter was submitted to SecState at Potsdam and he concurs in this course of action. Also Greek Govt has been apprised of communication by US Embassy Belgrade to the Yugoslav Govt referred to above.

S[amuel] R[eber]
  1. An identical instruction was sent to Winant at the same time as telegram No. 6375.
  2. Neither printed. See document No. 1077.