760h.68/7–2845: Telegram

No. 1081
The Secretary of State to the Acting Secretary of State

Victory 392. To Acting Secretary of State, Washington.

Reference your 117, July 241 regarding notes of protest received by the Embassy at Belgrade from the Yugoslav Foreign Office concerning disturbances along the Greek-Yugoslav frontier. I concur in your belief that this situation can best be solved by an on the spot investigation of the Yugoslav charges. I do not believe that it is desirable to send a special mission into this area. Therefore your proposed reply should be amended to indicate that we are prepared to recommend the appointment of a commission composed of military and political representatives drawn from the present staffs of the American, British and Soviet missions in Belgrade and the American and British missions in Athens. It would be necessary for the Soviet Government to appoint a special group to collaborate with the Athens group. With this clarification I agree that you should proceed to take immediate action on this matter.