740.00119 Control (Germany)/7–3145: Telegram

No. 1054
The Secretary of State to the Appointed Ambassador to Poland ( Lane )1

top secret
us urgent

Victory 454, 455, 456. The three Governments participating in the Berlin Conference have reached the following agreement regarding the transfer of German populations to Germany:

“July 31, 1945. [Here follows the text of document No. 1383, section XIII (XII).]”

Please concert with your Soviet and British colleagues for communicating the foregoing to the Provisional Government of Poland.

[Page 1036]

You should ask that the communication be treated as strictly secret until an official statement is issued by the conference. Sent to Warsaw, Prague and Budapest.

  1. Sent to the Acting Secretary of State, Washington, and relayed to Warsaw. The same message was relayed to the Representative at Budapest (Schoenfeld) and the Chargé at Prague (Klieforth), with appropriate modifications in the penultimate paragraph.

    It appears from Byrnes’ telegram No. 6842 to the American Embassy at London, dated August 13, 1945 (file No. 840.50 UNRRA/8–1345), that on August 1, at the Berlin Conference, Byrnes gave or sent to Molotov a memorandum (not found) dealing with (a) aid through the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration to displaced persons in enemy and ex-enemy territory and (b) assistance to displaced persons who did not wish to be repatriated.