No. 1050
The Third Secretary of the British Embassy ( Miles ) to the Assistant Adviser on German Economic Affairs ( deWilde )

Ref. G269/–/45

My Dear deWilde , I enclose an Aide-Mémoire relating to the draft directive on coal production in Germany.

Presumably you will be hearing from Potsdam yourself about the discussions that have taken place there. I do not know whether you consider any further coordination is necessary over the timing of the two directives.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Miles


His Majesty’s Government have given consideration to the revised directive to the American Commander-in-Chief in Europe,1 which was handed to this Embassy with the State Department’s Aide-Mémoire of July 11th,2 concerning coal production in Germany.

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The question has been discussed in the British Delegation at the Berlin Conference and the Foreign Secretary has now informed Mr. Byrnes 3 that His Majesty’s Government are in agreement with the terms of the revised directive and will arrange for a directive in the same terms to be issued to Field Marshal Montgomery as interim instructions.