740.00119 EAC/7–2445: Telegram

No. 1037
The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Secretary of State

top secret

For Tripartite Conference, Babelsberg, top secret from Winant serial number 44360. Sent the Secretary Babelsberg top secret from Winant and to Dept as 7434, July 24, Comea 340.

Your Victory 241 July 231 received.

EAC met last night to complete two outstanding documents. …2

Saksin stated his Government approved additional requirements agreement with last part of title reading in translation “certain additional requirements to Germany”. Original English title read “certain additional requirements to be imposed on Germany”. Saksin insisted title he [was] authorized to accept could not be translated as in English version and he would have to obtain new instructions in order to accept that wording. Apparently discrepancy arose at time Soviet delegation originally telegraphed proposed title to Soviet Government. Saksin claimed his delgation was not aware at that time that English and French versions contained phrase “to be imposed”. He stated he would telegraph for new instructions. Perhaps Mosely could see Gousev and expedite necessary instructions to Saksin.3

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  2. For the passage omitted here, see document No. 1031.
  3. For Byrnes’ reply to this message, following a conversation at the Berlin Conference between Mosely and Gusev, see ante, p. 407.