740.00119 (Potsdam)/7–3045

No. 1016
Proposal by the Soviet Delegation1


Trial of Principal War Criminals

The Conference has recognized as necessary for the trial of the principal war criminals whose crimes, as is stated in the Moscow Declaration of November 1, 1943,2 were not connected with a definite geographical place, to establish an International Tribunal in the near future.
The Conference has decided in the first instance that judgment should be passed on the following leaders of the Hitlerite clique: Goering, Hess, Ribbentrop, Ley, Keitel, Doenitz, Kaltenbrunner, Frick, Streicher, Krupp.
The leaders of the three Allied governments declare that according to the Moscow Declaration of November 1, 1943 they will take all measures at their disposal to provide for the surrender into the hands of justice war criminals who have taken refuge in neutral countries. In the case of the refusal of any such country to surrender war criminals who have taken refuge on their territory, the three Allied Governments will consult between each other concerning the measures which should be taken in order to provide for the effecting of their inflexible decision.
  1. Handed to Byrnes at the ByrnesMolotov meeting, July 30. See ante, p. 482. This paper bears the following typed notation: “Translation of document handed to the American and British Delegations by Mr. Molotov”. Although this paper is attachment 14 to the summary of the Tenth Meeting of the Foreign Ministers, July 30 (see ante, p. 498), it appears that document No. 1017 was the paper submitted at that meeting.
  2. Text in Department of State Bulletin, vol. ix, p. 310.