File No. 812.00/6058.


Felix Díaz sent an emissary this afternoon to ask me to urge Madero to resign in order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. I stated that I was unable to take any action, as he had no credentials, and that I would not assume any responsibility except with the approval of the entire Diplomatic Corps. He went away and returned with credentials.

Meanwhile, I called together all chiefs of mission. It was decided that I should ask Minister for Foreign Affairs categorically whether the Government could or could not afford adequate protection to the foreign colonies. The Minister limited himself to saying that he would do all he could. My colleagues then authorized me to demand such protection from Díaz, and to inform him, in the name of the Diplomatic Corps, that he would be held responsible for the maintenance of order and the proper protection of foreigners.

Nothing has been done which would involve any recognition of Díaz nor embarrass our Government, which, however, should take prompt and effective action.