Miscellaneous loans

Note.—The loans of which memoranda are here given have no direct connection with the loans heretofore treated and are mentioned merely as illustrative of the financial conditions alluded to from time to time in the foregoing correspondence. The file numbers are those of the communications conveying the data.

In this connection see despatch No. 929 of July 11, 1913, from the American Chargé d’Affaires to the Secretary of State and the instruction in reply dated September 11, 1913. (Ante, p. 183.)

Two Austrian loans of £2,000,000 and £1,200,000 respectively, made April 10, 1913, by Arnhold, Karberg & Co. for a group of Austrian banks, in an agreement of that date with the Minister of Finance. (File No. 893.51/1439.)

The Pukou-Sinyang Railway loan agreement of November 18, 1913, for £3,000,000 between the Central Railways, Ltd. (British) and the Government of China. (File No. 893.51/1483.)

The Hukuang Railway loan.1 Letter from Willard Straight to the Department as to the validity of the loan agreement. (File No. 893.51/1381). Despatch from the American Chargé d’Affaires inclosing correspondence as to carrying out of loan agreement (File No. 893.51/1382). Same to same relative to proposed delegation of the rights of the American group to the International Banking Corporation (File Nos. 893.51/1402, 1426, 1413).

Belgian loan. The Compagnie Générale des Chemins de Fer et Tramways en Chine with the Government of China: telegram from [Page 202] the American Minister stating that the Belgian company that constructed the Kaifeng-Honan railway signed a new contract on September 30, 1912, to build a line from Haichou via Kaifeng to Lanchou in Kansuh; 215,000,000 francs, the railway as security; the French interest in the company must consent before ratification. (File Nos. 893.51/1229, 1235; 1350 with text of contract and instruction to examine the project; 1419, reply to 1350.)