Certain Spaniards at Ciudad Juárez.

Seizure of Merchandise.

Summary.—The Spanish Minister on November 20 requested the good offices of the Department in behalf of various Spaniards having goods in danger of seizure by the revolutionists. In response to the Department’s instructions based on this request, the Consul at that point reported having requested the Mexican authorities to allow transfer of the goods to the American side. (File Nos. 312.52/44 and 45.)

Confiscation and threatened violence.

Summary.—The Spanish Minister reported to the Department on November 27, receipt from the Spanish subjects Manuel Trueba, Domingo Trueba, Andres Delreumberri, Monjo Laredo y Cia, Francisco Sainz, E. Fernandez, and Francisco Gutierrez, living in Ciudad Juárez, a telegram begging him to ask this Government to use its good offices to protect their lives and property. It stated that the revolutionists had closed their establishments and they were threatened with utter ruin and were in great personal danger. The Consul was instructed immediately to use all efforts to secure protection for them and their property. (File No. 312.52/46.)