File No. 812.00/6056.

The American Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


Revolt against Government has started; Felix Díaz and Reyes and other prisoners have been released. Reyes killed this morning while attacking National Palace, which is still in control of Madero, who is now holding Cabinet meeting there. Severe fighting in Cathedral Square in front of National Palace. Two hundred reported [Page 700] killed and wounded. Díaz is said to have 3,000 troops. Schuyler has just returned from automobile trip through city and reports large but perfectly orderly crowds in main streets and heavy patrols, of mounted police. People crying “Viva Díaz” and “Death to Madero.” Hard attack being made on arsenal and barracks near Embassy.

At the request of the Diplomatic Body, I asked for adequate guard for all diplomatic agents, all of which have been entirely without protection, and also that all saloons and pulque shops be closed and the Minister promised to take immediate action.