1. A treaty for the arbitration of pecuniary claims was signed at Buenos Aires August 11, 1910, ratified by the Senate February 1, 1911, and by the President March 21, 1911, and ratification of the United States deposited with the Government of the Argentine Republic on May 1, 1911; this treaty, when proclaimed, by one of its provisions would replace the treaty here printed, from the time of its expiration.
  2. For the report of the American delegates to the Third International Conference on Maritime Law in regard to this convention, see For. Rel. 1911, p. 14 et seq.
  3. For the text of the Brussels convention of Dec. 14, 1900, see For. Rel. 1902, pp. 92- 97. For correspondence relating to the Paris convention of March 20, 1883, see For. Rel. 1887, p. 1067; For. Rel. 1888, p. 1544; For. Rel. 1889, p. 696. For the text of the Paris convention, see Malloy’s Treaties, pp. 1935-1943. For the text of the Madrid protocol (Supplementary Industrial Convention), see Malloy’s Treaties, pp. 1943-1944.
  4. See For. Rel. 1912, pp. 444- 466, for the Wireless Telegraph Convention signed at Berlin, November 3, 1906, and proclaimed May 25, 1912. It was superseded by the convention here printed.