Pecuniary Claims Convention between the United States and other Powers (extending the duration of the Treaty for the Arbitration of Pecuniary Claims signed at Mexico on January 30, 1902) signed at Rio de Janeiro, August 13, 1906 1

1. A treaty for the arbitration of pecuniary claims was signed at Buenos Aires August 11, 1910, ratified by the Senate February 1, 1911, and by the President March 21, 1911, and ratification of the United States deposited with the Government of the Argentine Republic on May 1, 1911; this treaty, when proclaimed, by one of its provisions would replace the treaty here printed, from the time of its expiration.

Signed at Rio de Janeiro, August 13, 1906; ratification advised by the Senate March 2, 1907; ratified by the President March 13, 1907; ratification of the United States, deposited with the Government of Brazil, April 23, 1907, proclaimed January 28, 1913.

[1705] By the President of the United States of America.