Certain Spaniards at Ciudad Porfirio Diaz.

Arrest and extortion.

Summary.—The Consul reported that on July 26 the Carrancista chief of arms at C. P. Díaz, Gabriel Calzado, arrested a Spanish woman and extorted $2,000 Mexican. The Consul vigorously protested but without avail. (File No. 312.52/13.)

Arrest and confiscation.

Summary.—The above-mentioned chief of arms, Calzado, seized the merchandise of Trueba Hermanos Sucesores. Their manager, Jacinto Barquín, appealed to the Consul on July 31 and to the Department August 1. The Consul immediately protested to Calzado and was instructed on August 13 to continue his good offices. He obtained the release of one member of the Trueba family who had been arrested and on August 18 reported that his protest had stopped the confiscation of the firm’s merchandise. (File Nos. 312.52/14, 16, 17, 18, 21.)


Summary.—The above-mentioned chief of arms, Calzado, arrested Manuel Martínez and Galindo Palacio on August 4, as spies. The Vice Consul reported the matter on August 7 but no further correspondence appears. (File No. 312.52/19.)

Seizure of Live Stock.

Summary.—The Constitutionalists seized the live stock of the firms of Maiz Hermanos and Compañía Sautena; the Consul reported August 24 that he had protested vigorously. The Spanish Minister at Washington requested the Department’s assistance, including directions [Page 912] to the Texas authorities to the same end. The Department replied that those authorities would have no jurisdiction but the matter had been referred to the Treasury Department for its consideration and had instructed the Consuls at various points “to use their good offices with the local authorities in behalf of Spanish subjects in need of protection.” Part of this live stock was returned after insistence by the Consul at C. P. Díaz, as the Spanish Minister was informed on September 9. (File Nos. 312.52/20, 22, 23, 26, 27, 35.)