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Convention and Final Protocol between the United States and other Powers for the Protection of Industrial Property (replacing the Paris Convention and Final Protocol of March 20, 1883, the Protocol of Madrid of April 15, 1891, and the Additional Act signed at Brussels on December 14, 1900) signed at Washington, June 2, 1911 1

1. For the text of the Brussels convention of Dec. 14, 1900, see For. Rel. 1902, pp. 92-97. For correspondence relating to the Paris convention of March 20, 1883, see For. Rel. 1887, p. 1067; For. Rel. 1888, p. 1544; For. Rel. 1889, p. 696. For the text of the Paris convention, see Malloy’s Treaties, pp. 1935-1943. For the text of the Madrid protocol (Supplementary Industrial Convention), see Malloy’s Treaties, pp. 1943-1944.

Signed at Washington, June 2, 1911; ratification advised by the Senate, February 6, 1912; ratified by the President, June 20, 1912; ratifications deposited with the Government of the United States, April 1, 1913; proclaimed, April 29, 1913.

[1708] By the President of the United States of America.