Case of Sol Harburger.

Summary.—On July 30, 1913, the Vice Consul at Ciudad Porfirio Díaz informed the Department of the complaint to him of a German subject, Sol Harburger, of detention at the border on his way to the United States side on a charge of being a Huerta sympathizer, on the order of the Carrancista chief of arms, Calzado. The Consul’s protest resulted in permitting this German to go and come at will (File No. 312.62/15). Harburger again complained, on August 22, that his ranch was overrun by cattle driven there by the rebels. Protest by the Consul caused the removal of the cattle (File No. 312.-62/17). Harburger was arrested on September 24 for failure to pay a $2,000 tax for permission to lend money. The American Consul demanded his release on the same day which was granted on certain conditions to which he agreed (File No. 312.62/19). The German Ambassador at Washington on October 16 thanked the Department for the protection given by the Consul to Harburger (File No. 312.62/31).