File No. 033.3211/15.

The American Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


The following list of the personnel of Doctor Müller’s party, giving order of precedence, was furnished by the Foreign Office:

Doctor Lauro Müller, Minister for Foreign Affairs;

Doctor Raul Regis de Oliveira, Minister Resident in Cuba and now in the United States;

Captain Thedin Costa, commanding the Minas Geraes;

Doctor Helio Lobo, Secretary to the Mission;

Captain of frigate Antonio Sampaio, Naval Aide to the Mission;

Doctor Alberto Jorge de Ipanema Moreira, First Secretary of the Legation and Second Secretary to the Mission;

Captain of engineers Antonio José da Fonseca, Military Attaché to the Brazilian Embassy at Washington and Military Aide to the Mission;

Capitao Tenente Leopoldo Nobrega Moreira, of the Minas Geraes and Naval Aide to the Minister.

Doctor José Custodio Alves de Lima, Private Secretary to the Minister;

Lieutenant Euclides da Fonseca, Military Aide to the Minister;

Senhor Maurice Nabuco, attached to the Mission and son of the late Brazilian Ambassador at Washington.

Also accompanying the party is the sixteen-year-old son of the Minister, Lauro Müller junior.