File No. 837.911/15.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.


This afternoon’s edition of “Cuba” devotes its entire front page to abusive articles and alleged Washington despatches concerning its attack on this Legation. The editor, Oscar Soto, declares his intention to introduce this afternoon in the Mouse of Representatives a resolution calling upon the President for copies of all notes from this Legation to the Cuban Government since the foundation of the [Page 407] Republic; copies of all warnings and admonitions addressed by me to the Government, and statement of the reasons therefor; and a detailed statement of Mr. Gibson’s acts and conduct in relation to collection of the Reilly claim. Commenting on newspaper statements to the effect that the Cuban Government might be asked to deport its editors, “Cuba” declares that its one responsible manager cannot be deported as he is a Cuban citizen, and strongly intimates that he cannot be prosecuted because of his Congressional immunity.