File No. 723.2515/110.

The Secretary of State to the American Ambassador to Brazil.


Your telegram March 17. The Government of the United States of course fully shares the hope of the Government of Brazil for a definite settlement of the Tacna-Arica dispute. As for the Baron Rio Branco’s important suggestion made to Chile—that the Governments of Chile and Peru submit the question to those of Brazil, the Argentine Republic and the United States—if this plan were acceptable to Chile and Peru the Government of the United States would be prepared to respond to their request by contributing what it might toward a satisfactory solution of this very troublesome problem.

It is evident that this question has had an indirect but very irritating effect upon the former Peru-Bolivia and the present Peru-Ecuador questions.

While expressing great regret at the withdrawal of the Peruvian Chargé d’Affaires from Santiago, this Government has acceded to [Page 1183] the request that the Chargé d’Affaires of the United States take custody of the Peruvian Legation.

Repeat your telegram and this reply to Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima and Quito for their confidential information.