File No. 711.13/37.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua to the Nicaraguan Minister at Washington.

[Telegram, undated, handed to the Department of State October 10, 1913—Translation.]

Ministro Chamorro,
Washington, D. C.

Honduras and Guatemala on the 23d of this month [September] declined the invitation [to a Central American conference at San Salvador]. Salvador renewed its invitation, proposing the sending of delegates to this capital [Managua] to offer cooperation of the other republics of Central America in aid of Nicaragua in its serious political and financial problems by concluding an agreement by which the five Governments would collectively guarantee the territorial integrity of Central America. The President of Honduras believes Salvador’s invitation is a pretext for creating a revolution in Nicaragua. President Diaz has begun to prepare for any emergency. This Ministry is preparing a note protesting against the interference of Salvador in Nicaraguan affairs in violation of the Washington Convention, and against the promotion of conferences for discussion of Nicaragua’s international policy without Nicaragua’s consent and even while deliberately excluding her.

Inform the Department of State.

Minister for Foreign Affairs.