File No. 711.13/36.

The American Chargé d’Affaires at San Salvador to the Secretary of State.


I imparted the contents of your September 26 to the President of Salvador who told me that his Government had indeed invited Guatemala, [Page 1027] Honduras and Costa Rica to a conference to discuss the proposed protectorate of Nicaragua by the United States and the latter’s desire to acquire interests on Fonseca Bay, but he denied that any reference was made to the canal convention, and added that the matter was, in any case, now closed, since the invitation had not been well received by the Governments to which it was sent.

I have learned that the movement was aimed at assembling delegates at Managua to oppose the attitude of the Government of Nicaragua towards the Government of the United States in regard to the proposed protectorate, the cession of a naval base, and the canal and loan conventions. I have also learned that Nicaragua protested to Salvador as the initiator of the movement.