File No. 711.1215/394.

The Mexican Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

[No. 777.]

Excellency: My Government has just telegraphed me that it has been informed by the Mexican Consul at El Paso, Texas, that the Mexicans have been expelled from the Chamizal zone by the American authorities. I have the honor to bring to your excellency’s knowledge this act, which constitutes a flagrant violation of the status quo agreed to by both Governments, feeling assured that you will clearly perceive the urgent necessity of restoring their possessions to those from whom they have been taken and that from your sense of justice and uprightness you will be pleased to interpose your highly valuable good offices to the end that the said status quo be respected in the Chamizal zone, whereby my Government would be spared the painful duty of formulating a formal protest against such a breach.

I have no doubt that your excellency will once more demonstrate your love of justice and good will toward the Government of Mexico by giving this request all the urgent support that the case requires, for which I most earnestly thank you in advance.

I have [etc.]

Gilberto Crespo y Martínez.