File No. 711.1215/395a.

The Department of State to the Mexican Embassy .


The Department of State ventures to recall to the attention of the Embassy of Mexico the recent correspondence with regard to the Chamizal case, more particularly the Embassy’s memorandum of September 121, the Department’s memorandum of October 62, the Embassy’s response of October 123, and the Department’s aide-mémoire of August 244.

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In its aide-mémoire of August 24 the Department stated:

The ever present possibility of friction between the citizens of the two countries on the tract in dispute renders it highly important that the longstanding controversy as to the international boundary line at El Paso and Juárez be settled as speedily as possible.

Advices which have come to the Department of State since that time merely accentuate, in its judgment, the importance of a speedy understanding with regard to this matter which until it is settled will be a constant source of irritation on the border, irritation which, in spite of the best efforts of the two Governments, may at any time lead to the most regrettable results.

Under these circumstances the Department of State begs to request that the Embassy of Mexico will again be so good as to communicate with the Mexican Foreign Office so that the Government of Mexico may be fully advised of the importance which the Government of the United States attaches to the speedy and just solution of this long-standing difficulty.