File No.312.11/2120a.

The Secretary of State to American Consular Officers in Mexico.


The President directs me to send you the following notice to Americans and warning to the authorities, in view of the possibility [Page 896] of increased activity of the contending factions in Mexico and therefore increase danger to noncombatants:

  • First. Earnestly urge all Americans within your Consular district to leave Mexico at once, informing them that the Government will assist them in every possible way, providing ships at the most accessible ports for those who are near to seaports. Those inland should make their way to the American border or to a seaport as soon as possible. All who need it will be given pecuniary assistance.
  • Second. Notify all civil or military officials exercising authority in any part of your Consular district that this Government will hold them strictly responsible for any harm done to Americans and for any injury done to American property by them or by those acting under them. In case a change in authority takes place, you will bring this notice to the attention of those who may assume authority.

You will convey to the authorities an intimation that any maltreatment of Americans is likely to raise the question of intervention.