File No. 312.11/1887a.

The Secretary of State to American Consular Officers in Mexico.

Gentlemen: The Department confirms its telegram to you of August 8, 1913, directing that you submit a report supplementing the information now in the Department’s possession, submitted by you in reply to the instruction of November 25, 1912, relative to American citizens and their property in your district. This information should be brought down to August 20, 1913.

You will also revise in a separate report the reply submitted by you to the Department’s instruction of June 4, 1913, giving the names and locations of settlements and communities of Americans, and you should include in your report a statement of the number of Americans in cities and large centers of population. As requested in the telegram, you will add to this report a sketch or map showing the geographical location of American citizens and means of communication, whether by railroad or otherwise. In the latter case your report should be made by cantons, and in both cases should cover the entire district, including that part under the supervision of consular agents.

The Department desires to have in its possession complete information as to Americans in Mexico, and that this information be kept up to date in order that such Americans may receive, if necessary, such protection and assistance as it may be possible to give them.

You will accordingly submit a tabulated statement giving the number, names, location and condition of all Americans in your district on August 20, 1913.

You will also arrange to keep in touch with Americans in your district and to have them notify you promptly in the event that they shall leave your district, giving you the name, date, route to be traversed, and destination. This information should at once be forwarded to the Department upon the enclosed form. Similarly, you will notify the Department of the arrival of Americans in your district.

In order that the Department’s information may be as complete as practicable, you should add to your report, giving the list of Americans in your district, such comments as may seem appropriate to you as to the manner in which various American citizens could be reached in case of necessity, and the approximate cost of transporting them to the United States if it should become necessary for them to leave Mexico.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State.
Wilbur J. Care.