File No. 812.00/7577.

The Governor of Texas to the Secretary of State.

Dear Sir: I am in receipt of the following telegram from J. L. Pérez, Constitutionalist Commercial Agent at Naco, Arizona:

For your information I wish to say that on this morning’s train there were fifty-six boxes containing munitions of war consigned to the Huerta Government at Ciudad Juárez by express. I hereby respectfully beg you to kindly have (if it is within your State law) this shipment stopped until such time as our belligerency is recognized by the Government of Your Excellency at Washington, which I understand will be very soon.

I have advised him that the matter of enforcing the neutrality laws devolves solely upon the Federal Government. I am submitting his telegram to you for the information of your Department.

Yours truly,

O. B. Colquitt.