File No. 893.00/1506a.

Aide Mémoire handed by the Secretary of State to the representatives in Washington of countries having treaty relations with China, as follows: Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway (mailed), Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Sweden.1

The President wishes me to announce to you, and through you to your Government, that it is his purpose to recognize the Government of China on the 8th of April upon the meeting of its Constituent Assembly. He wishes me to say that he very earnestly desires and invites the cooperation of your Government and its action to the same effect at the same time.

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Note.—Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Cuba promptly replied to the Department’s aide mémoire of April 2, assenting thereto and announcing issuance of instructions to their diplomatic representatives to recognize the Republic of China in cooperation with the American Minister.

  1. Sent also to the Chinese Minister for his information, and to the American Embassies at Paris, London, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Rome, Vienna, and Tokyo, and the Legation at Peking.