File No. 893.00/1585.

The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary to the President.


My Dear Mr. Tumulty: I send for the President’s perusal a memorandum of a conversation I have had today with the Secretary of the Brazilian Embassy, in relation to the recognition of China.

Very cordially yours,

Alvey A. Adee.

Memorandum of Interview, March 27, 1913.

The Secretary of the Brazilian Embassy (for the Ambassador) called upon Mr. Adee this morning to say that the Ambassador had received a telegram from his Government asking if the American Government has taken any steps about the recognition of China.

Mr. Adee said that the matter was under careful consideration by the President, but that nothing further would be done until after Mr. Bryan’s return.

Merely by way of unofficial observation, Mr. Adee added that this Government is already in de facto relations with the existing Government of China. Our Minister in China carries on business with the new Government and the Chinese Minister is treated on the same footing here as the ministers of other powers. Diplomatic relations between the two countries are therefore continuing just as usual; but of course complete recognition of the nature of the Government will depend upon our being advised of the present status thereof, and it is this phase of the matter to which the President and the Secretary of State are now giving due consideration.

The Secretary of Embassy thanked Mr. Adee, and said the Ambassador would bring up the matter in a week or so with Mr. Bryan, by which time perhaps a conclusion will have been reached.