File No. 812.00/6092.

The American Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


Serious and possibly prolonged fighting between the Federal and revolutionary forces is now taking place in the heart of this city, violating the rules of civilized combat and entailing untold loss of life and destruction of noncombatant property and depriving of any guaranties of protection the 25,000 resident foreigners. I am convinced that the Government of the United States, in the interest of humanity and in the discharge of its political obligations, should send firm, drastic instructions, perhaps of a menacing character, to be transmitted personally to the Government of President Madero and to the leaders of the revolutionary movement.

If I were in possession of instructions of this character or clothed with general powers in the name of the President, I might possibly be able to induce a cessation of hostilities and the initiation of negotiations having for their object definite pacific arrangements.