File No. 882.42/2.

The Secretary of State to the President of the American Colonization Society.

Sir: I transmit herewith copy of a communication which has been received from Mr. Ernest Lyon, Liberian Consul General in this city, in which he states that he has been informed by you that there is $60,000 in the custody of the American Colonization Society belonging to the Government of Liberia and that in following out a resolution passed by the Society the President of Liberia has been requested to designate an officer of the Department to approve the account of your Society for the Donovan Fund, to receive the balance due, and give proper acquittance to the Society.

The Department will be glad to be fully advised upon the subject of Mr. Lyon’s letter in order that the matter may receive proper consideration.

I am [etc.]

P. C. Knox.

The Liberian Consul General to the Secretary of State.

Sir: By direction of the President of Liberia, I have the honor to inform your excellency that the President of the Colonization Society at Washington, [Page 687] D. C., has notified him that there is a balance of sixty thousand dollars in the custody of the Society belonging to Liberia, which he is ready to turn over to the proper authorities. The Colonization Society, unaware of the presence of a representative for Liberia at Washington, has by resolution requested the President of Liberia to “designate some officer of the United States Department to approve the account of the American Colonization Society for the Donovan Fund, to receive the balance due, and to give a proper acquittance to the Society.”

In compliance with the Society’s request, I have been instructed by the Liberian Government to request your excellency to designate such an officer, to act in the manner suggested in said communication. The service of said officer and any other expenses arising therefrom will be a proper charge against the fund. I have been instructed further to sign all agreements with the State Department and the Society necessary to carry out their intention, in order to secure to Liberia the amount now due her.

Dr. Johnson, the President of the Society, has informed me that he will be leaving the United States in a few days and will be absent for some months; therefore respectfully requests that action be taken before his departure.

With the assurance of a favorable reply, I have [etc.]

Ernest Lyon.