File No. 033.3211/65.

The American Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

No. 238.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that on the 18th instant Dr. Lauro Müller resumed his official duties as Minister for Foreign Affairs which, during his absence in the United States, were performed by Dr. Regis de Oliveira, Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

The impression which not only Dr. Lauro Müller but the members of his party and the officers of the Minos Geraes have brought back from the United States should be satisfactory to our national pride. The elaboration and cordiality of the reception accorded them have deeply impressed the visitors, who have assured the Embassy that their experience surpassed their expectations. The knowledge of the power, enterprise and resources of the United States has been considerably extended in this country as a result both of the attention which the press has given to the visit and of the good accounts which have been brought back by the men who participated in it. The impression which Dr. Lauro Müller is believed to have made upon us and the extent and length of his journey must have greatly increased the knowledge of Brazil among the people of the United States.

I have [etc.]

Edwin V. Morgan.