File No. 838.111/126.

The Secretary of State to the American Minister.

No. 387.]

Sir: The Department has received your telegram of the 25th ultimo in which you state that you have been advised by the President of Haiti that in view of the exclusion act of 1903 it will not be possible to permit persons of Syrian origin to come to Haiti and remain permanently, but that Americans of Syrian origin representing American commercial interests may enter Haiti on the business of their firms for a few months on the condition that the Department of State of [or] your Legation should certify as to their citizenship and as to their connection with American commercial houses.

The Department is gratified at the position taken by the President of Haiti in this matter and believes that an arrangement might well be made in accordance with his suggestions. Regarding the certification of citizenship by the Department or the Legation, it would seem, however, that it would be possible and proper to do this only in the usual way, that is, in the case of an American coming from this country to Haiti, by the exhibit of a passport, or, in the case of [Page 584] Americans who have been in Haiti, by reference to the records of registration in the consulates. Outside of these two means, any certification would seem impracticable.

Respecting the certification as to the connection of American citizens of Syrian origin with American commercial houses, it would seem possible, of course, for the Department or the Legation to communicate to the Haitian Government such information as might be furnished in this regard. Under the circumstances, however, neither the Legation nor the Department could undertake to give any certain guaranty as to such connection.

You will appropriately communicate the foregoing to the Haitian Government and report to the Department the result of your representations.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
J. B. Moore.