File No. 888.00/703.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.

No. 1188.]

Sir: * * * President Auguste affirms that a number of Syrians who were expelled from Haiti have gone to Kingston, Jamaica, [Page 576] and have joined with the Haitian exiles there and [are] contributing money to start a revolution against the present administration, it being promised the Syrians that if the revolution is successful they will be allowed to return here. I do not think it probable that the Syrians would contribute money to such a cause as with the persecution which the Syrians recently suffered here I do not see why they should seek to return. However, I would thank the Department to make inquiry from our representative at Kingston, Jamaica, as to the Syrians being allied with the Haitian exiles. The Legation from time to time is still kept quite busy protecting the Americans of Syrian origin who, in accord with the agreement with the Haitian Government, were granted licenses to continue in business in Haiti. * * *

I have [etc.]

H. W. Furniss.