File No. 033.3211/59.

Itinerary of tour through the United States.


June 16. Leave Washington. Breakfast at Bethlehem Steel Works and trip through works. Visit to Lehigh University. Arrive New York.

June 17. Official call by the Mayor of New York. Tour of city in automobiles. Luncheon with American Manufacturers’ Export Association. Dinner and theater party given by the Pan-American Society.

June 18. Visit to West Point; reception with all the honors of state. Dinner by New York Chamber of Commerce. Leave New York.

June 19. Arrive Boston. Attend Commencement at Harvard; conferring upon the Ambassador of the degree of Doctor of Laws. Visit [Page 72] to Harvard Medical School. Dinner by Boston Chamber of Commerce. Leave Boston.

June 20. Arrive Niagara Falls.

June 21. Arrive Chicago. Receptions by the Governor of Illinois and Mayor of Chicago. Tour of the city. Dinner given by the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association.

June 22. At Chicago; distinguished callers received.

June 23. Arrive Ames, Iowa. Visit to Iowa State College of Agriculture.

June 24. Arrive Denver. Automobile trip about the city. Arrive Colorado Springs. Ascent of Pike’s Peak.

June 27. Arrive San Francisco. Escorted to hotel by a squadron of cavalry. Official visits. Motor trips to the sequoia groves and other points of interest. Entertainments by the management of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Ceremonies on the site of the Brazil Building of the Exposition.

July 3. Leave San Francisco.

July 4. Official and unofficial entertainment at Los Angeles and Riverside.

July 6. Visit Grand Canyon.

J11 10. Arrive New York. Dinner given by the Coffee Trade of America, attended by the Secretary of State, who came on a special trip from Washington to bid farewell to Doctor Müller.

July 12. Reception given by the Special Ambassador on board the Minas Geraes.

July 13. Attend baseball game between New York and Cincinnati. Visit to Coney Island.

July 16. Departure for Brazil, with many official and popular demonstrations and ceremonies.