File No. 033.3211/3.

The American Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

No. 124.]

Sir: Referring to the Embassy’s despatch No. 112 of the 30th ulto. I have the honor to enclose a copy of the personal letter which I addressed on January 21st last to Dr. Lauro Müller, the Brazilian Minister for Foreign Affairs.

I have [etc.]

Edwin V. Morgan.

The American Ambassador to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Brazil.

My dear Dr. Lauro Müller: Among the many subjects upon which I have the satisfaction of feeling that we maintain views in common, there is none upon which I venture to believe we more heartily agree than in our mutual belief that the distinguished and influential citizens of Brazil and the United States should become more thoroughly acquainted. My fellow citizens and yours entertain a similar point of view on so many matters, that an increase in their personal knowledge of each other cannot fail to substantially promote their common respect and regard. The visit which the Honorable Elihu Root, in his official capacity as Secretary of State, made to Brazil, and, incidentally, to other nations of this continent during the Third Pan-American Conference, did more than any other one event not only to strengthen, but to demonstrate and justify, the existing and ever-increasing friendly relations between Brazil and the United States.

Since entering upon my present mission, I have been exceedingly desirous that my Government and people should secure a similar opportunity for making and enjoying the acquaintance of a Brazilian statesman of the first rank and of demonstrating their warm friendship for this country, as was afforded the Government and people of Brazil during Mr. Root’s visit. My Government is in complete and decided accord with this desire, concerning which the Embassy has communicated with the Department of State, and I am instructed to say that, in case the Government of Brazil should find it opportune to send you [Page 68] in your official capacity as Minister for Forein Affairs to repay the visit which Secretary Root made to this country in 1908, you would be most cordially and heartily welcomed as the guest of the Nation, which would endeavor to afford you an opportunity of seeing as much of our country, under favorable auspices, as the duration of your visit would allow.

With a sincere expression of regard and sympathy, I have [etc.]

Edwin V. Morgan.
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