File No. 839.00/872 and 872c.

The Secretary of State to the American Consul at Santiago de Cuba.


On the arrival at Santiago of the American Minister to the Dominican Republic, James M. Sullivan, you will hand to him the message quoted below, and request that he communicate it to Governor Jésús Céspedes and Horacio Vásquez, Puerto Plata.

Firm in its intention to cooperate with the legally constituted Government in order that revolutionary activity may cease, the Department of State makes known to the revolutionists and those who foment revolutions the following:

Under the Convention of 1907, the Dominican Republic cannot increase its debt without the consent of the United States of America, and this Government will not consent that the Dominican Government increase its debts for the purpose of paying revolutionary expenses and claims. Moreover, this administration would look with disfavor on any administrative act that would have for its object increase of the taxes, thereby imposing a burden upon the people, for the purpose of satisfying revolutionists. And should the revolution succeed, this Government, in view of the President’s declaration of policy, would withhold recognition of the de facto government, and consequently withhold the portion of the customs collections belonging to Santo Domingo as long as an unrecognized de facto government should exist.