File No. 839.00/811.

The American Chargé d’Affaires to the Secretary of State.


I gave the President’s message to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, who sent it to President Nouel at Barahona by the Minister of the Interior. The Minister for Foreign Affairs informs me today that he is sending the response of the Archbishop directly to the President. The Archbishop expects to continue in the presidency until Arias reaches Cibao, about the beginning of next week.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Finance, and ex-President Jiménez, have all asked for an increased naval force here, for moral effect. A large ship is urged by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the ground that in this country there is a widespread expectation that the Government of the United States will henceforth leave the Latin American republics entirely to themselves. Except for this I can see no present necessity.