File No. 839.00/777.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.


President Nouel advised me this morning of a plot to gain possession of the fort here by prominent Horacista generals. Horacio Vásquez himself denounced the plot and offered to place himself and some of his followers in the fort to maintain order.

The Archbishop [President Nouel] has for some time been urged arbitrarily to abolish the present Congress and make himself dictator. [Page 419] He has absolutely refused and is thinking of convoking Congress in extraordinary session to consider constitutional reforms and other matters.

He expresses himself as despondent over the probabilities of success in his efforts for good government unless the Government of the United States takes an active part in controlling elections and the establishment of a government expressing the will of the people. He therefore requests me to obtain from you if possible a statement that can be made public as to the necessity of such a step on our part if the disorders of the past should tend to recur.