File No. 837.911/18.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.


The Cuban Government has assured me that proceedings against the newspaper “Cuba” are being energetically pressed, but the Government evades making direct statements. Yesterday I insistently requested a definite statement of the steps that have been taken, and I am just now in receipt of a note transmitting a report from the Prosecuting Attorney showing that nothing has been done except to take the declarations of certain members of the staff of “Cuba” as to what they know regarding the authorship of the libelous articles. Soto was requested to appear and depose, but did [Page 409] not do so, alleging illness, although he has been attending to business and traveling about the island. No action can be taken against him until appeal to Congress has been made and granted. Eleven days have now elapsed without any such action and Congress may adjourn at any time. I respectfully recommend that the Department impress upon the Cuban Minister in unmistakable terms its real interest in prompt and effective action, and that it formulate, for presentation by this Legation to the Cuban Government, an expression of its views.