File No. 837.77/95.

The Secretary of State to the American Minister.


Department’s February 18. The contentions of the North Coast Railway Company have been heard by the Department. Upon a careful reexamination of the questions involved it has become evident that this company’s controversy with the Cuban Central Railway is not of a character that requires this Government to give preference to either company as against the other, and the Department has today so informed the British Ambassador, who was also informed that the Department’s instruction to you, in regard to presentation to the Cuban Government of the petition mentioned in Department’s instruction of February 8, will conform to this view.

Therefore you will disregard said instruction of February 8. You will, however, bring the matter therein mentioned to the attention of the Foreign Office, pointing out that in the view of the Department the controversy between the rival companies is not of a character requiring this Government to take the side of either party as against the other.