File No. 837.13/22.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.


Department’s telegram of March 18 and other correspondence, amnesty bill. A joint committee reported a compromise bill yesterday. It covers, as did the original bill, crimes and misdemeanors relating to the negro uprising of 1912 and also the following:

Offenses committed by public officials in the discharge of their functions who shall have served three months of their sentences and made good the civil liability attaching to such offenses.

Offenses penalized by electoral laws.

Offenses committed by or through or connected with the public press, except personal libel and offenses against the law of nations.

Discharge of firearms resulting in bodily injury not permanently disabling.

Resisting or assaulting officers.

Contempt of court.

Offenses against the person resulting from adultery, and so-called “passional” offenses including assault and attempted murder because of jealousy etc., but not homicide or murder classified in the code as a “crimen” or “delicto.”

Offenses related to strikes, lockouts, conspiracy in restraint of trade, etc.

The bill covers all the offenses described that were committed prior to May 20, 1913, except in the cases of the negro uprising where the limit is January 1, 1913.