File No. 211.32/5.

The American Ambassador to the Secretary of State


The extradition treaty between the United States and Brazil dated May 14, 1897, together with the protocols and annotations of May 28, 1898, and May 29, 1901,1 have been denounced by Executive decree dated July 23, 1913, published in the Official Gazette.

On July 30 I shall forward to the Department a printed copy of a draft extradition treaty framed in accordance with the Law of June 28, 1911 (enclosed with this Embassy’s despatch No. 758 of August 28, 1911); the draft treaty was sent to the Embassy by the Foreign Office, to be submitted to the Department for consideration and such modifications as do not impair the principles of the Law of June 28, 1911. The purpose of Brazil is to adopt a form which all her extradition treaties shall henceforth follow.

  1. The protocol of May 29, 1901, containing amendments to the treaty made by the United States Senate, was incorporated in the treaty at the time of its ratification, and has not been published separately; it was inclosed in Despatch No. 330 from the American Embassy, dated May 29. 1901.