The American Group to the Acting Chief, Division of Far Eastern Affairs.

Dear Sir: We beg to advise you that we have now been fully reimbursed by the Chinese Government for the two loans made by the American group to the Chinese Government and Chinghua College, for $200,000 and $185,000 respectively, together with accrued interest to August 21, 1913, inclusive.1.

It seems to us fitting at this time to express our keen appreciation of your services on our behalf in the settlement of these loans.

You may be gratified to learn that we are this day in receipt of an official communication from the Chinese Legation at Washington, from which we quote as follows:

I avail myself of this opportunity to express to you, for your friendly aid to Chinghua College in time of stress, the grateful appreciation of my Government, to which I beg to add my own.

Very truly yours,

A. W. Fiedler.
  1. See letter of March 31, ante.