File No. 367.11/26.

The Secretary of State to the American Ambassador.


Several American consular officers in Turkey report the seizure of horses belonging to Americans by Ottoman authorities for military purposes. While Department is of opinion that there is insufficient legal basis upon which to rest a formal protest against the requisition of horses in cases of military necessity by the Ottoman authorities, yet you should, in the event that this practice continues, point out to the Sublime Porte that payment must be made in ready money in all such cases, or if this is impracticable, acknowledgment made by receipt with a view to future payment. In cases of requisitions already made, you will demand their return, or that full payment be made, or their acknowledgment by receipt.

The Department is informed that British and German horses have been seized, which in the case of the British were returned to their owners on demand of the British Consul General, and the German Embassy has protested against the seizure of German horses. If it be true that horses belonging to other foreigners have been returned, or if the Ottoman Government has promised not to seize horses belonging to foreigners, you will, of course, in all cases demand most-favored-nation treatment.