File No. 307.114M69/119.

The Acting Secretary of State to the American Ambassador.


Your May 5. If the captain is held for an alleged offense connected with the sinking of the vessel, you will, pointing out that there is a diversity of reports regarding the sinking of the Texas, which was an American vessel flying the American flag, request that, pending determination of this question which is now under investigation by this Government, the Ottoman authorities surrender to the Consul General for his detention the captain of this American vessel, You will at the same time say to the Ottoman authorities [Page 1312] that this Government, upon determination of the questions now under investigation, will make such disposition in the matter as the facts, circumstances and principles involved may require, and specifically that should it for any sufficient reason appear that the captain should be turned over to the Ottoman authorities, he will be so surrendered. If the captain is held for an offense not connected with navigation of the vessel, and not committed on board vessel, you may take course you suggest, making reservation of all rights. Report character of offense charged.