File No. 816.001Ar1.

The American Minister to the Secretary of State.


At half past nine last night while President Araújo was seated in the Parque Bolívar attending a serenade an infamous attack upon his life was made by about five unknown individuals who fired five shots at him and one of the men inflicted upon him a terrible wound with a machete. * * * I called at the Presidential Mansion at eight o’clock this morning and was present while the surgeons were stitching the wound. * * * The surgeons informed me that while the wound is very serious it is not necessarily fatal and they entertain hopes of saving the President’s life. * * * Complete tranquility reigns throughout the Republic and this murderous attack is thought to have no other significance than to remove President Araújo. By a Presidential decree issued today martial law has been declared throughout the Republic of Salvador. * * *