File No. 823.00/—.

The Consul General of Peru at New York to the Secretary of State.

Sir: Having been chosen by the Peruvian Colony in New York City to represent it upon the arrival of ex-President Augusto B. Leguía, I would beg the favour of being allowed, with two members of the said colony, to meet the S. S. Tenadores of the United Fruit Line, upon which vessel Mr. Leguía will arrive, at quarantine.

One of my companions will be Mr. Eduardo S. Leguía, brother of the ex-President, who arrived yesterday from Europe; the other has not yet been designated, since I have only learnt that Mr. Leguía changed his plans at the last moment, deciding to take the Tenadores instead of the Tivives, upon which last boat it was expected he would sail.

The Tenadores is due to arrive here on Monday, so I would esteem it a great favour if instructions were wired to the authorities here, at my expense, permitting us to take the tug which meets the vessel at quarantine; otherwise I fear it will be too late.

In conclusion I am desired by the Peruvian Colony here to express to you, in addition to our anticipated thanks for this favour, our sincere gratitude for the courtesy with which Mr. Leguía was received at Panama by the representatives of the United States owing to the instructions received from you.

I have [etc.]

J. Paredes.